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Birth Certificate on twitter
only people signing this birth certificate is me and my boyfriend . im getting irritated with everybody at this point

Twitter: @__MuthafuknKayy

RT @onlyastoner: every bong should come with a birth certificate like a cabbage patch doll.

Twitter: @fxckfvce

RT @OwensBarger2: Obama: The Perfect Manchurian Candidate: Nancy Ruth Owens, The Obama Birth Certificate Forg...

Twitter: @nancyrowens

RT @FastFuriousBOLD: - Nancy Ruth Owens Confesses Obama Birth Certificate Forgery To Investigator Mike Volin http://…

Twitter: @nancyrowens

RT @Alex_Wiley: My dad's birth certificate says negro. My mom's says colored. Mine says African American in case anyone was wondering.

Twitter: @TheKidJoJo

You can't trust these bitches you gotta ask for a birth certificate to make sure it says female on that bitch

Twitter: @Younghighlifemb