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I liked a @YouTube video Sheriff Arpaio Takes On Fox News' Alan Colmes Over Obama's Forged Birth Certificate

Twitter: @MonaAlexis27

RT @Philip_R_Moon: New Republican Party demands to see Chancellor Calrissian's long form birth certificate #NewStarWarsSpoilers @midnight

Twitter: @RogerDavis

@Shahnaseebb apparantly not, they need English birth certificate.. Planning for Brazil, will be gutted if this issue doesn't get solved :(

Twitter: @ZarminaF

@Tickzzyy @SamirAlyonis @highnesxo lmaooo 😭😭 he's on extra watch! It's on his birth certificate too 😫😫😭😂

Twitter: @Im_nadxx

pats autumn dont worry, my birth certificate fucked up too by putting my middle name and last name as my first name ,,

Twitter: @koutarou_suga

*googles philippine birth certificate template*

Twitter: @VENEvidivici_