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Birth Certificate on twitter
does naughty boy even have a real name wheres your birth certificate mr. potato head

Twitter: @diggityzayn

Shut up bitch, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Twitter: @TrinMcguire

@HomeAffairsSA can one apply for PR using child's birth certificate?

Twitter: @CambellJoe

@HomeAffairsSA Hi, can I still get same-day birth certificate printouts at local HA? And cost, pls? Noone answers the phn at Bellville HA 😐

Twitter: @B0kk13

RT @MattG124: if your just tossing insults at me because your mad try just writing them down on some useless scrap of paper.. like your bir…

Twitter: @LeoTheDeadBunny

RT @FranconianExile: Senator Cruz, can you show us your birth certificate? Your _real_ birth certificate, not that blatant forgery. #AskT…

Twitter: @n1k1nk