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RT @voldemort_d: Trump hired detectives to find Obama's birth certificate. This is how he uses money & resources? Maybe after that they…

Twitter: @ImranaLalaMonaf

@mdkicklighter #fatcainfo / The birth certificate of the Swedish chef - my kids swear he's Dutch

Twitter: @mdkicklighter

Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the hospital. #DaDailyInsult

Twitter: @Doughboy5200

Health Director who Approved Obama Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash ( video) | RestorLiberty via @po_st #PJNET

Twitter: @Lileensvf1

So I can't go into work until I have my birth certificate sorted out but I need to order it as I don't have one

Twitter: @Luke_Thompsonn

@__mooshh lol it only be 2 names but when it come down to the day it depends how I feel when I'm signing the birth certificate

Twitter: @BreaBear_1202