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@_TheWeatherMan Nah I know, Vokoun is still out from the blood clot right?

Twitter: @_MattBirney

New math: one torn MCL plus flight to Dominican = one leg blood clot and trip to emergency.

Twitter: @LawsonGreg

@hxcBird haha I think he still has blood clot issues but Fleury blows

Twitter: @TPirozzi

#pens Letangs Blood Clot is tougher than Orpik and Scuderi combined.....CBJ scores!!!! No D ...No Win!!!

Twitter: @rpbva

what the blood clot¡

Twitter: @creator_tim

@NachtRecords HEAVY METAL HAIKU: Crushed clavicle blood clot Mashed face, beer aint cheap, bro! Metal show alpha dick!

Twitter: @SparkzillaGrind

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