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.@RJDownard @BjarteBjorkum @JoeCienkowski @jstuart197 @PolarVan @cootey59 Another place in Koran says man made of a blood clot. More icky!

Twitter: @JosephOMorrow1

Damn blood clot looking bitch

Twitter: @ItsTeddyswag52

she want it with me? Tell her to blood clot try...

Twitter: @duffelbagJas_

@cstaysclassy had a blood clot in lower chest😁

Twitter: @hareena_suprai

My grandma has a blood clot and a aneurism, we are at the hospital now she has to stay at least one night for observation and testing in am

Twitter: @Jadyn_Kohl20

Blood clot.

Twitter: @hannahlululu