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Blood Clot on twitter
RT @loveforrealstar: They did another brain scan yesterday and it showed that the new medication is working towards dissolving the blood cl…

Twitter: @mayankluv70

I think the only thing worse than that was the orange sized blood clot

Twitter: @SoakEm

@anthonyacostaaa @steamjay nah this came out my nose and it was like a clot of blood😭

Twitter: @lyssizrad

Just spit up a blood clot 😷😷😩😳 What Is Wrong W Me.

Twitter: @SkinKneeMee__ Learn the latest,as of September 30, 2014 at 10:32PM. #Blood #Clot

Twitter: @ExpatInc

“@ashleyvelati: #GOALS” this just gave me a blood clot in my brain

Twitter: @m0shpitsnmayhem