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@IzzyHC I've been passing out for 3 days :) Exhaustion and low blood pressure. Rest and fluids and I'm fine now x

Twitter: @Jules1315

0wned by DodePersie #DodeOnTTI ~ Commuting farther to work raises your blood pressure and makes you fatter.

Twitter: @MaurizioCeriani

A second without her gives me an high blood pressure..

Twitter: @mo_tripper

RT @kylegotjokes: Everyday u wake up it's something waiting to kill you from high blood pressure aids Ebola.... All u can do is live everyd…

Twitter: @THEJonHale

RT @UnJamal: One day I'll find someone special, and my blood pressure will take a leap.

Twitter: @aisida

My blood pressure went down

Twitter: @brimill_

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