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Blood Pressure on twitter
More like "Why Mexicans have high blood pressure and diabetes" #nopostacabron #diabetesineverybite

Twitter: @over_dozing

Human Cop : What’s your emergency? Giraffe : My blood-pressure is 285/180 mm Hg. Human Cop : *faints* Giraffe : OMG!!!

Twitter: @criticvoice

@ProtectthePope out of respect for my blood pressure, I no longer listen @DominieStemp

Twitter: @ProfJCharmley

RT @farmaangela1: Cuddling with someone's else's bae👌🏾 is even warmer coz their blood pressure is so high from the worrying that they might…

Twitter: @UwzRemeo

RT @InvincibleJenks: Holy crap tonight's episode of #MinorityReport had my blood pressure up.

Twitter: @john_astrid

RT @EricTopol: Until we get real world, continuous BP in large N of people, we have no idea what is "normal" https:/…

Twitter: @GeorgeMazar