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Borrowed Money on twitter
@Eclectic_Blue @mancgas @Hodges777 and now money borrowed from a back street lender who can put us in administration at any time.

Twitter: @spoole5

@mancgas @Hodges777 So it's okay to slate the 82-ers' being subsidised by Lansdown but not to point out Rovers exist on borrowed money?

Twitter: @Eclectic_Blue

Need to start paying back the money I borrowed from people

Twitter: @Josh_Lunga

@carolinelueck I know omfg I spent like all of my savings woops & I borrowed some money from my mom too so I'm doomed to dish duty for life

Twitter: @AbbyWalkur

@seana_murphyx so you couldn't of used your uni money then sorted it out when you got paid or borrowed money?? NO? Sound

Twitter: @_Mike_96_

I actually borrowed a book from the library and left it in Saudi, lord I am gonna owe them so much money 😂😂

Twitter: @RawanOsamaA