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“A lot of drilling is being done with borrowed money and that will be turned off on Monday morning,” Great quote from @pkverlegerllc

Twitter: @ppargiris

RT @Sisi_Yemmie: I still don't know why people refuse to pay back money they borrowed.

Twitter: @oloriola

@PunchyMick What normally happens when you don't pay back money that you've borrowed?

Twitter: @Asprey101

You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money#Lincoln# quote

Twitter: @tubgerechandru

my mom borrowed my car the other day & she took all my money i had in it thanks jenn

Twitter: @kayla_maccrory

Why are SS/Medicare always mentioned as entitlements to be cut? Workers paid into both. Gov misspent money/ borrowed from SS for yrs...

Twitter: @Waywardwind12