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"Morrie, please! You borrowed Jimmy's money, pay him. "

Twitter: @GoodfellaQuotes

If i ever borrowed money it was for a damn good reason not cause i was a needy bum bitch..... ✔💯

Twitter: @GiGiTimes2

enoughalready Greece, if you're using borrowed money to pay down your debts, you're doing something wrong. enoughalready

Twitter: @MiBubbenhall

class is over and i cant even go anywhere else bc people borrowed money and havent given it back :'o(

Twitter: @yamamotosbat

@MacfarlaneRobin @youngkippers @Jaffa64729021 By spending borrowed money that they have to repay.

Twitter: @UKIPPER4ever

#auspol Abbott keeping his promise to repair the damage done by the ALP who use borrowed money to buy votes

Twitter: @ZaclyNews