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If u fucking listened n gave me my money u borrowed n said u were gunna pay me back I wouldn't bother u but it's $600 PAY ME BACK BITCH👊👊

Twitter: @kaitlyn_fox

Mum's shouting at ME cause my sister borrowed money off my grandparents. Aye cause that totally involves me?!

Twitter: @RachelMcCombe

RT @twiteconomy: MSNBC Families borrowed only 22 percent of the cost of college, down from 27 percent in the p... #b…

Twitter: @anabelastein

@BLCFP @ThisisCharity he borrowed money from Wright

Twitter: @Rolix3001

When you ask your bro to pay you back the money that he borrowed..

Twitter: @berry_mint12

RT @JLoyal32: "@illLALA: When you ask niggas about that money they borrowed the week before payday" @FootBall_Life30…

Twitter: @Terran_Kayy