Topic: Borrowed Money
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Borrowed Money on twitter
i didnt get to use any of my money on anything i had $50 and its been used for food (some not mine) & borrowed -_- I ONLY GOT IT FRIDAY

Twitter: @leotsukasa

'It's Mine, Mine, all Mine, Gina......No Gina, the $7Billion you Borrowed is Ours, Ours, all Ours! Where's our Money Gina?

Twitter: @nanoview

@nja5 @Paul1Singh labour has never borrowed money

Twitter: @Martinl95370448

RT @opeyemi_mulero: #BeingYorubaInNigeria Me: Mummy the money I borrowed u Mum: All the food u have been eating nko? Me:…

Twitter: @DMosope

@jnyeongs cause i had to give thor money for JR Thai and then vee borrowed; i should have 300 actually where the extra 100 at??

Twitter: @ifntized

And it's all borrowed money that even my great, great great grandchildren will be unable to pay back.

Twitter: @CountAlucard1