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Feel good I put her money on her night stand. Borrowed and paid her back like I said I would

Twitter: @Nita_Bug_

RT @polymorpheous: ALP borrowed money off overseas rich people, to give to overseas people;Left taxpayers DEBT #AB…

Twitter: @SteveSpaderna

This bitch is irritating... She has a job.. She borrowed money from her friends and is asking my mom for money so she can pay them back SMFH

Twitter: @coolerthanvee

YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS????? Chasing ppl down for money they BORROWED. They will call a million times until...

Twitter: @darealkayodolla

RT @founding: "We had no money, drove to meet investors, borrowed a car from a friend - That car became our 1st office." ~ @taro_f http://t…

Twitter: @PitchManDan

ugh i've been saving these money for months, they "borrowed" my money and not giving it back.

Twitter: @chans_ungh