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RT @JimiTewe: Pls note that d man in my story borrowed money but he didn't use it to buy a car. He invested in his dream #7FailureKeys @IAm…

Twitter: @Mosopemi

@GaemGyu aaahh i forgot abt i dont have money at all then yaya and nilma borrowed their money for me to pay my patient aaaa so lovelyyy

Twitter: @yolandictator

LiveMint - Market News - RBI says overseas borrowed funds can be parked with banks in India -

Twitter: @nippynews

How do you ask your parents back for money they "borrowed"

Twitter: @ForeverAndreana

@1danboy did that lady ever come back with that money you borrowed her?? I keep meaning to ask you x

Twitter: @SweetToothTrees

"Morrie, please! You borrowed Jimmy's money, pay him. "

Twitter: @GoodfellaQuotes