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@TheresaMay_MP @metpoliceuk Surely their budget is given for the purpose of making London safe, not making embarrassing problems go away?

Twitter: @MrIainJames

Mayor of Liverpool on why he has to cut libraries and other problems with city budget: #citydevolution

Twitter: @FestivalofIdeas

Ugh, I am always causing problems for us. =_= If we have to take a taxi tomorrow, that is def not in the budget...

Twitter: @MeaganTC

My dad said I need to learn how to budget & the money I get is ONLY for lunch. I have bigger problems than that. I need concert tickets

Twitter: @idolizingbiebsx

#Austria's top 1% elite's wealth is twice as large as Austria's sovereign debt. A tiny tax on these super rich can solve all budget problems

Twitter: @ggdycn

Binge eating, budget-busting gambling, excessive drinking, pornography--all short-term solutions to deep-seated problems.

Twitter: @Pray4US_Daily