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India having launched a rocket to Mars… That’s a heck of a place to put a call center.

Twitter: @kevin_jeffrey96

I broke into the 911 emergency call center and robbed the operator just to see who she would call.

Twitter: @kevin_jeffrey96

Improved agent performance & 4 more reasons to calibrate your #contactcenter calls, here:

Twitter: @NorthridgeGroup

One thing stopping me leaving uni & work in Swansea at the call center is my hatred of calling people #slightproblem #looksfun #haterevision

Twitter: @amyparker937

“@pumbaaaa_: jamisha renee lewis better be there, front and center.” Don't call my sister name out like that .

Twitter: @ThaRealChancee

@bcbreakaway call center work. Well, only ten days of calls and then we train for our real job which is 'data entry'

Twitter: @numoutheimpfox