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RT @Ukcynicalchild: They have a full camera crew there so why is max twatting about with a video camera? #Catfish

Twitter: @TomSkywatcher12

Only Jeremy clarkson can get himself his camera crew and 4 tonnes of filming equipment turfed out of Argentina😂😭😂

Twitter: @_ElliotFoley

RT @mmdzambia: Around 17:00 hours, other instructions were issued to the ZNBC camera crew by superiors and they packed their equipment.

Twitter: @Nj0lima

Awkward moment when my professor asks to interview me for a paper & I come looking like a bum to find out that a camera crew is here WOW OK

Twitter: @morgvnsierra

I need a camera crew to follow me around because I always look up into the distance and make a face like I'm on the Office

Twitter: @paradeofdreams

RT @JamesFrancoTV: I actually learned to drive the tank with Randall. Then I almost ran over seth and the camera crew! #TheInterview

Twitter: @ZacharyGibney