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HBO camera crew loses major points for panning away from fighters during both 9th round KDs. I want to see how Gamboa looked, damnit. Lame.

Twitter: @Allaboutboxing

people are being shut off for under a hundred dollars send your camera crew to the water company , interview the people and stop the bull

Twitter: @GoCrazyDame

You won't fucking wanna play catching in a departmental stall that closed unless u got camera crew with you 😅😅

Twitter: @Andy_DandyVIP

@phillybosslady Hey, is Laura here? *fish thrashes around in aquarium, camera crew cracks up* Aww mannnn

Twitter: @CharlesFey

I have so many photos to post from Journey camp. Missing the camera crew right now!

Twitter: @AwkwardSolomon

Just ran into @williebaronet and his camera crew about to start their 31 day road trip across America…

Twitter: @mommyswishlist