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RT @DJ_KM: When the camera guy gets to your crew in the club everyone turns hood and throws fingers up like.....

Twitter: @DjDill_

RT @ChristinaWelsh1: When a camera crew pulls into my driveway over the weekend, I’m hoping the neighbors don’t just assume it’s for an epi…

Twitter: @DebbieMcKeon1

Camera crew already here for "The Business of Writing". It'll be aired on GETTV.

Twitter: @joybewaji

“@marissa_tbh: when 1/3 of the groupie crew won't look at the camera”mE

Twitter: @lindseyparisius

RT @Mathadious: @SFGiants You're fans should keep it class and not flip off the KC camera crew. HAHA mad much

Twitter: @CEOofGreatness

Us smosh fans were perfectly content when videos where just you two and a camera. Not a huge crew. @SmoshIan @smoshanthony (part 2)

Twitter: @azadehdeh