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@ultimateegghead I have 12 actors, a writer and camera crew from Breaking Bad following me, and you should think I should have said SOA? ;)

Twitter: @RickForTson

RT @Anti_Intellect: The media needs our asses! Black people will create in a basement where no camera or crew ever comes. That is just what…

Twitter: @Peach_Pimp

@got_WOODY k need a dope ass kickstarter page, a full camera crew, a fake script, and a super lame montage circa any 90's teen movie.

Twitter: @ValerieeHope

RT @StephenFollows On major movies, Camera dept has only 5% female crew members #WomenInFilm

Twitter: @Top10Films

@ksheridannn but I'm gonna need a camera crew if that's the case

Twitter: @MattyMattyMosca

@1067thefandc Who is this clown on the radio? Dungy counseled Vick, he wasn't his coach. And Vick didn't have a reality camera crew like Sam

Twitter: @DCSuperSid