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@TJOKaro - campaign contributions too. Or didn't you know?

Twitter: @Orhieoghene

Secretary of State Clinton Traded a Visa for Campaign Contributions

Twitter: @DCClothesline

Ok, I get that everyone's disappointed in President Jonathan, but has anyone hears of a little thing called campaign contributions?

Twitter: @Orhieoghene

If income tax was replaced with #FairTax congressmen could not sell tax favors in return for campaign contributions.

Twitter: @seth37eee

#heyjournalists why has no one looked into the ROI of campaign donations. Why are political contributions such a growth industry?

Twitter: @aahholm

@Linnlondon1 @gerfingerpoken2 Sure Clinton sold US secrets for contributions to his reelection campaign in 1966! That was known but no said

Twitter: @PWilliamsD