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@sweetstorela I've had so much of @RuPaul's chocolate in my mouth since y'all started selling those candy bars!

Twitter: @HernandezJustin

RT @WeAreFarmers: We're not so sure about that. RT @curlycomedy: Full size candy bars count as Home Insurance on Halloween.

Twitter: @djfarmersagent

RT @TheLegendOfChaw: Almond joys, paydays, and Heath bars. Now that is just a list of shitty ass candy bars.

Twitter: @___drewww__

@HaileyTylisz11 did you know theres candy corn flavored hershey bars?!

Twitter: @jennahhlg97

RT @tinatbh: fun-size candy bars aren’t fun after you’ve eaten 37 of them

Twitter: @evaluciaHaber

i should sell candy bars and be like want to buy a candy bar? its for one direction.

Twitter: @tgifespinosa

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