Topic: Capital Punishment
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Capital Punishment on twitter
Four more pages of Capital Punishment and I’m caught up for Tuesday. Love this class.

Twitter: @AgentBananas

@gabyeleece Idc how right wing it makes me sound. I'm allllllllllll for capital punishment.

Twitter: @cravenTEXAS

Apply Sharia Law... In Islam, capital punishment is reserved for the most extreme crimes which harm individual...

Twitter: @reddyvpr

I'm glad capital punishment is banned in michigan

Twitter: @nathanshowalter

“@keud12: @norwegianbrooke guilty. So guilty.” Good thing you live in Florida. They're pretty loose with capital punishment

Twitter: @norwegianbrooke

@iCanFlyJake I may be harsh but I think capital punishment should be applied to swatting and animal cruelty Lol.

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