Topic: Capital Gains
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@gingabeans @WillMcHoebag it's very difficult to displace a UK domicile of origin and not needed to avoid income tax and capital gains tax..

Twitter: @nlpedwards

@elyse4design @cspanwj would you agree to reduce capital gains by the inflation tax added to price upon sale of assets?


@elyse4design @cspanwj deduct the COLA rate from capital's long term gains.. wouldn't that be fairer? govt now is DESPERATE for funds..


@elyse4design @cspanwj capital gains tax should acct 4 inflation.. but won't cuz whole point it to TAX INFLATION which govt controls.


@CSPANJNKY @cspanwj Any time you want to raise the capital gains tax rate, just say so.

Twitter: @elyse4design

RT @drscott_atlanta: #FutureExecutiveOrder I will no longer enforce the capital gains tax

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