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Got sopped by Palm Beach Island police and witnessed a 20 police car chase in one night.. #graveyardshift is something else

Twitter: @_MrJayy_

I can't even. LOL. She had a high speed chase in Ghana in her dad's luxury car. It's nuts how much you can get away with in other countries.

Twitter: @ANTXNIXX

@KatieMitch31 we've found the culprit for the chase.I camped in the car last night,It's a badger.comes in around 1.25am sleeps in cart barn

Twitter: @Cagneydog1

Arizona couple led police on chase that ended in deadly car crash

Twitter: @reynalawfirm

Driving stick has made me appreciate car chase scenes so much more #Taken2 #Taxi #SoSick

Twitter: @Randell_R3

RT @misskylie77: And in the rest of the news, man bashed to death, car chase and a woman (not wearing a niqab or burqa) stealing a charity …

Twitter: @Eschertology