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Mr. Chase just saw me walking to class and stopped his car in the middle of the road to wave at me. #simmerdown

Twitter: @HFortier95

@MyrtlevilleS @ailsaberkeley you missed the highlight then.... It was about a car chase over a hat! #breakingnews #myrtlevillewhispers

Twitter: @joleencronin

RT @regan_lynnn: When I think of need wars, I think of the car chase between me and @ErikIsCoolYo through mount pleasant 😂 I lost him tho 😏

Twitter: @ErikIsCoolYo

@joleencronin @ailsaberkeley Excellent. Was wondering about the radio. Listening when we came out but all about a car chase!

Twitter: @MyrtlevilleS

RT @LinnaneNews: Incredible story by @CraftyReporter. Massive car chase through Cork this morning #eveningecho

Twitter: @CraftyReporter

Lyn went to chase a cat and we drove off without her so she tried to jump through the car window 😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @carolineenguyen