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im deathy afraid of car washes

Twitter: @Gabby_Dufrene

RT @Greg_Gaston: Middays is on the road Thur at Car Wash USA Express in West Memphis. (Missouri St.). @CentralBBQ caters lunch. Great givea…

Twitter: @DquentinDAVID

One more week and no more car washes!

Twitter: @Nasty_Searm

@Mr_Socialite uh oh skeet you on deck bruh! random car washes mean you on deck! ask @StaxxFifth lls

Twitter: @stovegotti

@andreaaa_x19 @youngbasedmatt @Bayma23 sorry only people who aren't a stain get free car washes

Twitter: @jordani_b

Shopping Car parks,Shop fronts,Car washes and it's happening near you sooner then you think!or haven't herd about it! Due to a blanket cover

Twitter: @04Francene