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Photo: Up her blouse as she washes her car …

Twitter: @voyeurbabes

Oh my gosh my neighbor almost gave me a heart attack! Who washes there car at one in the morning. Only people who own a corvette ??

Twitter: @Kalliejoink

Any charity car washes going on tomorrow in #Fresno / #Clovis? @mikeoz @papaT433 @SocialInFresno @benfigo @JennyToste @eva_whateva

Twitter: @running_upfield

Spying on the husband as he washes my car ;)

Twitter: @rinchinator

Ima stop taking my car thru them car washes it aint doing nun but fucking up my paint

Twitter: @VirgoBaby___

So all car washes are busy and they are not taking cars anymore!! I have been turned off from 3 Waqod stations :(

Twitter: @____yacine____