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RT @Dol_Guldur: Career goals are for people who want to progress. I just want to survive. Now, sign me a cashier's cheque.

Twitter: @demon_disguise

@StefanCharles_ you can say he's whack from opinion, but a career standpoint he's real life rapper goals.

Twitter: @TheHelenOfTrill

@MsiDouglas The guy has an IQ as big his career goals, clearly the money is drying up & he is starting to worry#hewillneverchange

Twitter: @lambeau2011

Ron Swanson is career goals for me

Twitter: @nick_depanfilis

RT @TurntAlien: Career goals

Twitter: @YungWill_Savage

RT @glory_bae: I blame watching csi, ncis, and law and order growing up for my career goals

Twitter: @dopest_ale