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Govts support census. How will inequalities be analysed for prog interventions? If not how can data be transformative? #Post2015 #UNStatComm

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If you like music biz data&stats here's some interesting (and self-promoting) #census data about @Bonnaroo attendees

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China: census an important tool to collect data incl health data. China employs 8 mill ppl 4 census! #UNStatisticalCommission #Post2015

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Top Stories: Boston Bombing Trial Opening; New U.S. Census Data

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Census Data Show Insanity Of Congressional Move To Fund President Obama’s Unlawful Mass Amnesty

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RT @GeoffreySinger: I'm an urban planner. I need good data to understand how our communities grow. Let's reinstate the long form census tod…

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Maternal-Child Nursing, 4e
Emily Slone McKinney MSN RN C, $79.82
Statistics, 4th Edition
David Freedman, $90.00
Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy
Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, $111.89
Myers' Psychology for AP*
David G. Myers, $79.95
Psychology Ninth Edition in Modules
David G. Myers, $37.88