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RT @FriendsReactss: Chandler knows what you're suppose to do on a sunday

Twitter: @rachel_baker28

“@AlJack13: @_Lexxiiee chandler 💀”😹Ariel probably did it ..ima just copy off her

Twitter: @_Lexxiiee

my friend chandler is a part of an organization that helps kids in cities stay on track! how cool! they need...

Twitter: @Kessler_Alex

RT @ya_girl_C: bout to call your ass a uber i got somewhere to be.

Twitter: @Chandler_renee3

RT @bellathorne: @ChandlerRiggs @bellaftvamps perfect date night for you Chandler! I miss you </3 hope to see you soon!

Twitter: @misseli051

when you have to bend down to take a selfie with chandler riggs omg

Twitter: @greysmorrison