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Why not make a change to your health and wellbeing? Taking orders now DM me

Twitter: @5adayforhealth

@omar_quraishi Dunya News screening the Police Plan as if the IG shared it with them. Mian Amer needs to change his orders to his anchors

Twitter: @humbleman50

@SergNavarro42 I actually change subway orders all the time 😂 but the spicy Italian is always bomb 👍❤️

Twitter: @EdithVelasco10

#facepalm for all those hospital authorities and senior doctors who are obeying Govt orders and change the figures of injured and dead

Twitter: @onezaehsan

@beautifulacres [I do not take orders from you Maxie. Everything I have worked for is gone. It's time for a change.]

Twitter: @LeaderOfTheSea

“@EdinburghMela: @rha06 Quick post here - times correct at present but subject to change:” PEEP workshops advertised.

Twitter: @PEEP_Kirsteen