Topic: Chicken Fingers
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Chicken Fingers on twitter
I'm in the mood for chicken fingers!

Twitter: @YouuGot_MEL

In desperate need of someone to bring me some ketchup so I can bash these chicken fingers real quick!

Twitter: @WhewitsLex

RT @luuuuciaaaaa: Yoooo @DatsHottAL is going on about chicken fingers and I'm just like 😂😂😭😭💀

Twitter: @DatsHottAL

Eating chicken fingers and watching Monsters University bcos I'm 11 years old

Twitter: @palefacekillah

Great day! My manager treated me to chicken fingers, yum! And we get our keys to our apartment!! HELL YEAH!

Twitter: @cassy_brauen

RT @geneva_wilson5: Thank you Almighty Father for the gift of no greasy fries and chicken fingers every day, Amen!

Twitter: @francesca_raeee

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