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RT @BoosieBitch_24: Patriots Going Win Tomorrow!!💯💯


Dino's brother is Gino. Where's Harpo and Chico? #48Hours @48Hours

Twitter: @markssardella

RT @Etsy_Team_LOVE: #teamlovegroup Vintage Chico's Belt - Adjustable - Bronze Brass Copper - Leather - Chain by ...

Twitter: @jnpvintagejewel

"@J_DubbDolo: Latinas follow the same life cycle: Date a chico, breakup, date a black man, hate black guys forever, back to chicos."LMAO

Twitter: @danielssss_

RT @EGatzemeyer: “@wtferica: @EGatzemeyer awwww I can see your dog in the bottom 😭😭😭😍”lmao Chico, he always gets happy when he sees her 😂😂

Twitter: @wtferica

#hispanicimagines michael: "hey babe lets have pizza tonight?" me:"PIZZA? CHICO ESO NO ES COMIDA, NO JODAS."

Twitter: @pennyroyalrh

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