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RT @savannahsouthwa: @tiasouthway couldn't care less go to sleep child .xx

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RT @picardonhealth: Quebec’s $7/day child care: Social #innovation that creates wealth (pay) @GlobeDebate #sdoh

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My neighbor is a dumb white broad. Stop being a slut & take care of your child. He needs some clothes, don't needa run around butt naked😡👊

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@allinwithchris AZ mom's plight. Cldnt u have done an expose' on plight of homeless or minimum wage moms w/kids&child care needs vs law&DCFS

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If you can't even take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of your child? Hm

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RT @rhidianhughes: Good piece on leadership in child protection #socialcare

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