Topic: Child Molestation
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Child molestation is wrong, cuz if evry1 did it, no 1 would escape, evry1 would b a victim.The first man to impose his will would rule 4ever

Twitter: @bigreeder24

RT @dyldozer43: The day everyone makes this big of a deal about rape and child molestation is the day I'll worry about a punk ass thug gett…

Twitter: @bklages22

@am_gakii can you bring facts to the table!!!more than half the reported cases of child molestation are perpetrated by close relatives!!!

Twitter: @onlysmaina

@YourAnonNews @clevelanddotcom that's basically like saying my friend has a history of rape, so I got arrested for child molestation. #wtf

Twitter: @katastophes

American national nabbed for child molestation raps

Twitter: @bindoyinfosite - Stephen Collins -

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