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@LoveLessSince97 @marjmallow13 ground beef, tomato sauce, cheese, chili powder...

Twitter: @madamsirena

Accidentally put chili powder on my toast instead of cinnamon 😑

Twitter: @cooooolin

Why tf did i even decide to put chili powder tbfh

Twitter: @iconicdelmar

I was cooking and i accidentally put too much chili powder probably and now i cant breathe its so hotlslsksslas

Twitter: @iconicdelmar

Almost put chili powder in my oatmeal instead of cinnamon. That would've been interesting 😂

Twitter: @AlyssaSpencer28

@itscharliev it's soo great. I love the fake baby funeral they have when her eyes bleed cause Dennis blew chili powder in her eye. Priceless

Twitter: @Mack___11