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Now that is a headline! American Cigarette-Maker, Reynolds bans smoking.

Twitter: @AshleyDaley

RT @MikeMacRaeMike: Without "Sunshine of your Love", Robert DeNiro smoking a cigarette in Goodfellas would not have looked nearly as menaci…

Twitter: @doktorbuzzo

There's a beautiful boy on the balcony next to me and he's wearing a button down and oxfords and smoking a cigarette 😰

Twitter: @paulaalorenaa

RT @Robert_Beau: I opened my sister's refrigerator and there was a cucumber smoking a cigarette on the top shelf.

Twitter: @TeejayRush

RT @stopsmokingnow8: Impotence is one of the major hazards of #cigarette #smoking.

Twitter: @FingoHead

RT @Yeeezika: When someone is smoking a cigarette I be like ewwww it stinks. Hoping they feel bad and quit 😇

Twitter: @perksofnicolle