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Just lit a cigarette, & while I'm outside smoking it, I smell something funky! Yup, u guessed it, I lit the wrong end of the fucking cig!!

Twitter: @MagicMan982

Accidentally fell asleep smoking an e-cigarette and when I woke up my whole house was on the internet.

Twitter: @canonodd

No cigarette smoking in my room

Twitter: @MyNameIzWill_

Almost a whole month without smoking a cigarette. I don't know how I've had the patience, but dammit I am so proud of myself.

Twitter: @Niel_Jasmin

Pau Gasol is definitely smoking a cigarette during half time.

Twitter: @kid_cubby

#tbt just me wearing a suit, smoking a cigarette, riding a motorized surfboard #throwback #surfboard…

Twitter: @91Wash