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Climatology is the study of climate, scientifically defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of time,Climate Prediction Center. Climate Retrieved on 2006-11-23. and is a branch of the atmospheric sciences. Basic knowledge of climate can be used within shorter term weather forecasting using...
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An open letter to the climate science community by @NERCscience NCAS's Ed Hawkins

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Was that winter warm? Depends on if you accept climate change

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RT @robertpjones: Goodbye #sblaar14! If u didn’t get your copy of @PublicReligion @AARWeb #climatechange survey, it’s here:…

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RT @robertpjones: RT @neilchambers: @robertpjones gr8 report on #climatechange & #religion - must read! @publicreligion @OCDdesigncast http…

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RT @earthhour: Science has spoken: how the @IPCC_CH quieted #climate sceptics with its latest report #IPCC http://t.…

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