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Meat-Eaters Could Cause 'Dangerous Climate Change', Scientists Warn - Forbes

Twitter: @climatenews

RT @globalactplan: A bit of work to do... @ECIU_UK study shows people are still not aware of scientists' consensus on #climatechange http:/…

Twitter: @gnc_northyorks

RT @skepticscience: The problem @climategeorge is that less than 10% of public know that >90% of climate scientists agree on AGW. Need to c…

Twitter: @NEENAus

RT @BarackObama: FACT: 97% of scientists and NASA accept the science of climate change. #ActOnClimate

Twitter: @stevens2cool

RT @Jackthelad1947: “@ABCenvironment: Antarctic sea level is rising quickly, melting ice to blame, say scientists #c…

Twitter: @Kazelpat

RT @ClimateReality: What's causing climate change? Human beings. Just ask 97% of the top climate scientists in the world.…

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