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@Smur_ok @KatePotts11 @OwnRFC @Daily_Record SNP government elected for two terms, second as a majority government, unlike the UK coalition.

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By providing government guarantees to small construction firms we will kickstart housing supply.

Twitter: @david_clover

@RichardHaass They need a good friday agreement. A a perpetual coalition government. Ireland proved that terrorism works, Such is life!

Twitter: @LeftyGoldbla

@RichardHaass Does not matter really. The "good friday protection racket" provides perpetual coalition government! They can never leave!

Twitter: @LeftyGoldbla

@poroshenko No more likely than one to help terrorists in Ireland. 30 years later and we solved it by a forced coalition government.

Twitter: @LeftyGoldbla

@Haitch7 did you vote for the coalition uk government ?

Twitter: @Jordan_Deehan