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Coalition Government on twitter
Thank god we still have the socialists in #SpringSt > Vic Govt contributes $22m for SPC |

Twitter: @stamja

RT @GeorgeBludger: "That screeching sound is the government’s budget rhetoric doing a u-turn" - haha, zero credibility…

Twitter: @Jarrapin

RT @iamkatmiddleton: @LBC The coalition government should ban Islam #ISIS #Evil

Twitter: @bucko46

@guardian Self employment is a down grading of working peoples conditions by last Labour government Continued with relish by the Coalition

Twitter: @roywoolmans

@xtc_uk @LBC @why2care The coalition government should introduce Muslim tax,Jihadists costing us huge amounts of money.#ISIS #Al-Qaeda حرام

Twitter: @iamkatmiddleton

@pajhwok @ZubairMassoud if 100% votes are being audited; why to form a coalition Government? some politicians are thirsty for power only!

Twitter: @ImBehsoodi