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@thameera New coke campaign.

Twitter: @malinthe

RT @willsono: Proud to see Coke on the list! Fortune names this year's 25 Best Global Companies to Work For via @FortuneMagazine http://t.c…

Twitter: @LauraWagnon

I req every muslims plz boycott american n israeli products,bcz same money which we buy is used 2 kill muslims.say no to coke,pepsi,nestle

Twitter: @mdbasheerahamed

Drinking coke with a straw like the hungover adult I am 🙈

Twitter: @LauraOlivander

RT @BBAnimals: I'm bigger than the Diet Coke bottle!! '

Twitter: @alongkon_s

@taylorswift13 love the song in the diet coke ad

Twitter: @ItsSzeHuei