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One of the suspects in the Boston marathon bombings went to Bunker hill community college

Twitter: @ChrisWigfall1

@BUSO_SAVVY community college. Get it together. Your actions aren't cute. I'm done preaching or whatever. You'll either listen or find out

Twitter: @yvng_queen

Blogpost: A $5 million challenge for a tech solution to help community college students graduate

Twitter: @HumanityNews

RT @collegefession: "Are redheads attractive? #replytweet" - Lewis and Clark Community College

Twitter: @Partly_Cloudy9

RT @EatMyCookieHoe: Being friend zoned by a "hoe" is just like being denied by a community college!! 😂😂

Twitter: @Fresh_Bum

I am ready for my life to be changed for the better!! I am SO excited to start my education at community college!!~ <33

Twitter: @Charmeddegon