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@pewdiepie many sharing options,more customization,better notifications bar, visible file system (when you plug ur phone into your computer)

Twitter: @insanenesss

Edupreneurs sell rugby, computer- and pottery classes, etc to Gr R kids in 'private' system on public school premises. @DBE

Twitter: @ElbieHenning

"An issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system." Tried everything at, verifying cache, -tcp launch...

Twitter: @lurppis_

My computer is starting to request retirement,I have two books I need to finish. Looking for help to get a new system

Twitter: @ChaoslilKat

Forgot an assignment and need to email it? Change the date on your computer system and send it.

Twitter: @weshizle

They finally updated the computer system at work from XP to 7. Now if we could get computers without floppy disk drives that would be great.

Twitter: @AmanderTrip

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