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Computer Program on twitter
RT @TheDIYHacks: If you want to transfer all the songs from your iPod to a computer, use the program DeTune.

Twitter: @mhmegan7gmailc

@DaltonRichael @UberFacts on the real though I could write a computer program that could spit out all those brackets for us

Twitter: @jakedrozynski

RT @LA_TheGreat1: KSI Plays | A RACIST COMPUTER PROGRAM: @Jassiel_R_

Twitter: @Jassiel_R_

@Timebrat A fun little computer program I’m learning in my computational statistics class for data science. Whee!!

Twitter: @karamat

@NosferatuVeldez Computers? Really? I am a computer program, I am made out of data...I can just go through your computer

Twitter: @Saff_Hatsune

The program is absolutely right; therefore the computer must be wrong.

Twitter: @djwade91