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MOving on to next part of agenda, mayors communications for a consent decree on 4 permits. #AllenParkCC

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RT @RCCGworldwide: Spoken words can be extremely powerful. Once JesusChrist backs up your decree, it shall be established. Silence implies…

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.@melisheath @add it was 'cleanup' by, under Federal Consent Decree w/ NO #NPDES permit, that killed our son.

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Professional Freezing Services Consent Decree Endi... #OFCCP #EEOC #ADA #DisabiltyDiscrimination


Justice: Landmark consent decree with H&R Block in National Federation of the Blind law suit


RT @HealthAlrts: [EEOC Updates] Professional Freezing Services to Pay $80k under Consent Decree Ending Disability Discrimination Suit http:…

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