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A High Frequency Trading Firm Founder Publicly Announce that there is a 'Deep State Running Everything' -

Twitter: @IbnAnatole

Why are we going over conspiracy theories?!

Twitter: @xoamarieexo

A good summary of my feelings about conspiracy theories.

Twitter: @ms_emmalyon

RT @splcenter: The right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding Agenda 21, a UN global sustainability plan, pose actual dangers…

Twitter: @STrimel

Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid- Complete With an Eye- in the Middle of Nowhere? (PICS) via @BeforeItsNews

Twitter: @TheWeepingEagle

RT @callis1987: I'm not massively into conspiracy theories, but something still doesn't add up to me with the people the Boston bombings we…

Twitter: @yasmin_alsoud