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If you like video games, food & film we'll probably get along. If you like drama, conspiracy theories & shade we probably won't. Just sayin.

Twitter: @winnie28_63431

RT @DenverChannel: A hidden nazi fortress built under Denver International Airport? Colorado conspiracy theories: ht…

Twitter: @AhmedAAlshamsi

I'm thankful for my grandma wacky conspiracy theories about the government 💯💯

Twitter: @patsy_ponce

Who believes in conspiracy theories—and why

Twitter: @E_Mehdi

@S_K_Banksy it is promoting a show, stop the conspiracy theories and sending tweets which sound like threats.

Twitter: @gayle_lynne

Please understand, I'm not Obama fan... but this is ridiculous. Conspiracy theories and political views.. #GetMeOutOfHere

Twitter: @ItsStofer