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RT @thetimes: Tomorrow's front page in Scotland: Lockerbie review kills conspiracy theories #scotpapers

Twitter: @alexmassie

@jamynott You need the pills that dispel outrageous conspiracy theories. ECT works too, or so I'm told @GreeGreece

Twitter: @SydWalker

RT @TheMurdochTimes: Remember, as alleged Westminster paedophile ring investigations continue, UK PM Cameron tried to dismiss claims as "co…

Twitter: @revoltmypeople

i just spent the last hour looking up conspiracy theories about how elvis faked his own dead HOW FUCKING COOL IF HE SHOWED UP LIKE "HEEEY.."

Twitter: @kalingswift

RT @secularbloke: Most arguments in support of conspiracy theories are the equivalent of “Dunno how thunder works therefore Zeus exists” #…


RT @srhbutts: rofl so latest in #gamergate conspiracy theories

Twitter: @HPWesterman