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So HRG veto'ing a sell off of Homebase seems sensible now but what when interest rates rise & consumer home spending slows?

Twitter: @andrewbusby

Our consumer tracker shows that 63% of #consumers are worried about interest rates on #savings

Twitter: @WhichNews

@bhavyang Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is always higher..." RR gives inflation as the reason for keeping interest rates high, but the

Twitter: @anjalnaik

@purefn @runarorama supporting monopoly is against your own (if you are a consumer/customer) interest

Twitter: @jedws

Online consumer power-scratching yours interest upon facebook whence in comfortably put together username in hi...

Twitter: @KeatCharles

Rate of interest contrast: parody benefits regarding online consumer sovereignty: RwzAl

Twitter: @PeytonDorothy