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Why is my #YouTube ad promoting "robotic endoscopic surgery" equipment? Which sets of consumer preferences did I favor to deserve this?

Twitter: @bjorbase

Our report on the changing landscape of consumer trust shows how preferences shape digital marketing.

Twitter: @bisnis_motivasi

RT @_Hermit_Thrush_: @THEM0NZTA I deleted my Facebook a few years ago when I realized it's just a way for corporate America to track my con…

Twitter: @THEM0NZTA

5 Secrets To Meet Consumer Preferences And Achieve Success

Twitter: @saxenaguru

Hey @Paped1984, I recommend you: New trade in renewable resources and consumer preferences for diversity

Twitter: @RecoRobot

@Benjaminjaninja @odjawienie atomized preferences that are then shaped into (consumer) identity under capitalism imo

Twitter: @graphlegmblop