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Duda had one good year and negotiates a contract extension. Murphy has 5 good years and gets the boot. #metsmotivation

Twitter: @koosman2pointOh

RT @bernamadotcom: PM Najib announces the F1 contract extension until 2018, Petronas remain as main sponsor

Twitter: @jieunixx

RT @michaelgbaron: Lucas Duda is hopeful he'll get a contract extension this week. #mets

Twitter: @ExiledMetFan

Gustavo Dudamel and LA Philharmonic agree to contract extension #Disney

Twitter: @Disneymanianews

Yo! Tom Coughlin confident Eli Manning's contract exten #elimanning #elimannings #nfl

Twitter: @DaNewYorkTimez

@jeremybotter her contract extension was a work. Everyone knows she's gunning for Steph. Then we can debate if she can beat Reigns or not.

Twitter: @Beastin25_8