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Conveyor Belt on twitter
@Jareddemers98 its like a conveyor belt

Twitter: @ksveny

I follow 1,644 people. My timeline goes faster than a conveyor belt at a dildo factory in Japan

Twitter: @The_Violator_

This week is gonna be great: Ridvan tomorrow. New car tuesday. Conveyor belt sushi on Wednesday with Hollie. Pieces/Aftershock on Friday.

Twitter: @squoctobird

*at Krispy Kreme* "I just wanna lay my body on the conveyor belt and get covered in glaze" @sshhelbs @MedwardsMusings

Twitter: @KelseaBoo

@ChloeBennet4 2 secs later a SHIELD agent came by and said "I'm gonna need you to get off the conveyor belt ma'am"

Twitter: @spoodybutt

Uh-oh, nailed again. A literal conveyor belt of these superior minded warriors who tie you up in their off the peg intellectual ribbon.

Twitter: @Holborncompany