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Corn dogs with yellow mustard

Twitter: @JeffDiggsMO

RT @joshwhitemusic: how many corn dogs is too many? please say something higher than 6

Twitter: @ItsMeagannn_33

@voldemortshug he made her corn dogs and fried pickles and HUMMINGBIRD CAKE 😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @insatiabIeIuke

RT @internetluke: Her: so what's a random fact about you Me: I eat a banana like corn on the cob Her: I like to ea- wait what Me: I like do…

Twitter: @Whatevsies_

@dantack @Andrew_Reiner I'm pretty sure he's talking about corn dogs. How dare they restrict the corn dog to Fridays!

Twitter: @KingofSheep42

RT @JoeyT_11: “@KeukaRec: CORN DOGS, CORN DOGS, CORN DOGS! #coachcorndog @Coach_BMathews” Lmaaooo

Twitter: @AubleTyler

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