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RT @LaylaColleen: So I'm way too excited for the eats this evening: hot dogs, watermelon, corn on the cob, root beer, apple pie, and vanill…

Twitter: @KeithersRad

Y'all think that to hard these nighas a bunch of corn dogs. 😂👌

Twitter: @SG_Ljay

RT @stanmouse: @darrenrovell go back to reporting on Corn Dogs and Nikes. Guy gave back more money to charity than you ever have (or will).

Twitter: @TexasAGGIEinAR

I love corn dogs! #sweepsentry #cashinonacorndog

Twitter: @TanyaVanDamme

Really want those corn dogs but the titantic just hit the ice berg. Delivery? Can't leave my movie bruh.

Twitter: @Sobcrates

RT @gucci10I7: i ask her to make meh corn dogs and dis wat she cook smh simple bitch n she wondah why i cheat

Twitter: @Jtandolino

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