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@vjboodie @JuliaGillard yes I think CT will go to jail but sadly the left wing court system will give him a short or suspended sentence

Twitter: @joebloggs2034

This is what makes our system FANTASTIC. listen to the Court of Appeals take apart the Government's arguments,...

Twitter: @AlalehKamranLaw

@Violetrical too bad it's not the abusee making it deadlier for the abusER. Not like the court system will do anything serious about him.

Twitter: @danaseilhan

Lawwddd when I get this copper river in my system 🙌🙌🙌

Twitter: @court_chanelle

New #Court #Decision #Destroys the #Last #Element of the #Justice #System -

Twitter: @AngrySummit

RT @DA_News: The SAPS, the court system, the prison system, are ALL controlled by the ANC national government.- @helenzille #DADrugsMarch

Twitter: @cbpunt