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@kamdunb @RT_com Kam you know the court system doesn't want any part in fight for power between congress and the president,nothing'll happen

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@MarshallArts7 NO. That is a fundamental misunderstandi g of the Court's role in our system.

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#Castlemaine #Court is rotten to the clerk, and by default the Victorian #Justice system is not to be trusted. Sign:

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RT @BenjiNdolo: @jamessmat doesn't this guy have a major fraud case in court? He doesn't wanna rattle the System for obvious reasons #morniā€¦

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The court system isn't whether the crime happens, it's about proving you were involved

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I can't figure this out for the life of me. Why are law schools (the entire court system for that matter) so archaic. It's so bad I think

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