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.@SurvivalGearpx @KrisAnneHall @GregAbbott_TX How ppl settle disputes outside the court system is no1's business.This is a religious attack

Twitter: @SouthernRock3

Court-approved no-smoking regulations across parks system! @thebuffalonews

Twitter: @PTNY

Woman opposit me in the pub chatting about her heroine addicted abusive ex and the court system failings 😞

Twitter: @Lukeyswords

Justices block three Oklahoma executions over drug used in an outdated and Barbaric American System.

Twitter: @gord0133

I am so frustrated with the court system on how long this woman is in prison, she deserves to never leave that place. It breaks my heart.

Twitter: @RoseeeGriffin

#ooc I think the process of the court system is designed to not only break your will, but also your bank account

Twitter: @DeepSouthDragon