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Crack Cocaine on twitter
My dad was accidentally texted my mom's old number and it ended up being a crack head telling him not to forget the cocaine for the party.😂

Twitter: @jasminerosed

I don't care I 'll sell crack cocaine to my own mother just to make money + I don't like her anyway

Twitter: @za_thug

I'm really sorry if kids r 8orn with crack cocaine inside they system 8ecause I was the one selling it to they mother nd father can't lie

Twitter: @za_thug

@MzFlame86 it was the crack cocaine baby

Twitter: @X10_theAmazon

I don't Fucking smoke No Fucking crack cocaine 8itch I sell crack cocaine to your whole family 8itch how u like that

Twitter: @za_thug

It's the digital age version of sort of social inequity that we saw with powdered cocaine carrying less severe consequences than crack.

Twitter: @Brock626