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@GottliebShow So less guns and more credit card theft?

Twitter: @kelduck

@bassikkz I'm trying to figure out how much the discount is without accidentally buying all of that and it won't tell me before credit card

Twitter: @BrEaDqUaNdASASS

@leviwolstrom It was either a credit card, a paper clip or a small screwdriver, depending on design.

Twitter: @Tek_Roo

I know people in Boston so I answered the phone b/c it was a Boston #. FYI, my credit card has no problem but the computer wanted to say hi.

Twitter: @AmySueNathan

Violated... #momblog #dc

Twitter: @TinyStepsMommy

RT @JosesLovesYou: Just got nominated for an Oscar for my role as "man surprised his credit card was declined"

Twitter: @BladesJRjr