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What's the Best Kind of Credit Card to Have? - News (blog) #HiddenAirlineFees

Twitter: @btKevinMitchell

@danielbowen @tonybmorton and money refunded to credit card if not used for 60 days. Travel to SYD for work so made sense to get one.

Twitter: @mappatassie73

RT @Libra_ht: #Libra can be dangerous with a credit card.

Twitter: @Boss_Bri28

RT @chellababe: My little cousin really did come get my credit card 😂

Twitter: @asofiaortiz27

@AshTheYellaBone After I finished sliding this credit card through the back door lock.....

Twitter: @_ashstronaut

RT @vicenews: Young and living in the US? Your country is using you as a credit card:

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