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Forcing myself to leave my VS credit card at home today when I go to Rockford. Hardest thing I've ever done 😖

Twitter: @blairaaaaa95

Life is an password...from personal email id, office email Id, phone unlock, netbanking, credit card, debit card, home safety lock, Apple ID

Twitter: @jatinarora09

RT @CryWasTaken: Someone made a payment for 555 on my credit card.. In Texas. Dammit @Russ_Money stop trying to steal my identity.

Twitter: @Youtubeis_love

all my xmas shopping is done which means no more credit card usage i accomplished things whoo

Twitter: @youreinacar

Barclays just offered me a credit card on a 34,9% APR. Why on earth would I ever sign up with you? #barclaycard

Twitter: @raquelwatdahell

iphone 5S screen replacements are $100....$5 charge for credit card payments & $20 CONVENIENCE FEE…

Twitter: @Mr_SwimGood