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RT @FoxBusiness: Don't have a credit score? Don't panic: via @DaveRamsey

Twitter: @InfonetDaily

@kimccchi you want a boyfriend but with husband qualities 😂 you asking for a loss , especially wit these no credit score ass niggas

Twitter: @Cmitch_

Found out that I have an awesome credit score. why am I so happy?

Twitter: @SeLaVieCherie

Can my credit score just be a 730 already!? That's all I need.

Twitter: @_BigChloe

Need to know your credit score now? Visit this helpful resource for FREE score.

Twitter: @HomeBuyerHelp

First thing I do when I meet a broad Is ask her "Yo ma what's yo credit score" Then they be like eeww. So I go eww ain't good enough NEXT.

Twitter: @Postman912