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Crime Rates on twitter
RT @tanehisicoates: Almost certainly false. "Black crime rates are much higher than they were before the civil rights movement. " https://t…

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RT @EmmMacfarlane: Indigenous women don't suffer massively disproportionate rates of crime because of social context. It's because... crime…

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The Vic Government and @Vicoriapolice launch a new campaign to drive down crime rates. Visit

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@XFM Due to falling crime rates, The Police have announced that they have spare ASBOs to hand out and are accepting nominations via email

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@Vyan1 @Honolulu_Trader @blogdiva For the same reason they have such high crime rates, they're more violent and dangerous by average.

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But the fact of the matter is black communities have higher crime rates, hence more police presence, which somehow equates to racism

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