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No-till farming alone could cut yields - Study shows crop rotation and soil cover must accompany no-till to minimi...

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Using Compost w/Conservation Tillage is Win-Win Solution: increase profits, crop yields, soil structure & environment

Twitter: @AdamBrent1

No-till Ag May Not Bring Hoped-for Boost in Global Crop Yields, Study Finds - UC Davis #Ag4Dev #feedtheworld #notill

Twitter: @AGreeAgPolicy

Climate change impacts food security as crop yields decline due to changes in temp, rainfall & increased climate variability.

Twitter: @vozalcaraz109

@DreamDirt going well. Doing combine rides w/ customers. Bean yields variable corn even more variable. Hard to tell if big crop is out there

Twitter: @grantkevin13

RT @OlgaSperansk: Women farmers in Guatemala plant trees to sequester carbon, prevent erosion, improve yields, increase crop diversity http…

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