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Mom why do you even care about the weather you're in the car or indoors literally all day

Twitter: @TemporalLizardo

Senior year I don't care how I look if I decided to look nice one day or whatever we'll then I will look nice but if not the oh 🐳.

Twitter: @Abbey_Soccer12

My old day care dilf who worked security asked me why so many girls were wearing almost no clothes and it was great. He was great

Twitter: @lyndsymullen

RT @abbey_marieeeee: It's always nice getting asked how your day was and knowing they genuinely care

Twitter: @issysg

At the end of the day do you really care

Twitter: @maceinspace

RT @DartleNatics: @TwittleDizon16 goodnight baby girl! take care always! We love you so muuch😊💘😘 don't forget to start your day with a Smil…

Twitter: @RocelleEspanto1