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RT @JihadistJoe: Just so you dumb ass infidels understand, if you're not an Islamic State, we are in a de facto state of war with you http:…

Twitter: @Gloves78

@michaelhallida4 @de_facto_Aus Spot on!

Twitter: @ticley

RT @virag064: @mikebairdmp lost 14 seats & won no new ones. That is a mandate for nothing #thedrum #nswpol

Twitter: @de_facto_Aus

RT @michaelhallida4: Viewpoint Map of Sydney #auspol #thedrum #abc730 #quanda #lateline #meltingpot

Twitter: @de_facto_Aus

Former Lithuania Minister: #Belarus de facto part of #Russia

Twitter: @Belsat_Eng

@de_facto_Aus @Cyclify @cathywilcox1 I like the pivot point lol

Twitter: @michaelhallida4

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