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RT @geeksrulz: Abbott: "I find it a fairly confronting form of attire and frankly I wish it weren't worn" #auspol #qt

Twitter: @de_facto_Aus

@envirorealism @FrBower Always the most refreshing, true and compassionate social commentary !

Twitter: @de_facto_Aus

#auspol @sontology Team NLP: great big idiots think alike This pic was funny 'til it's true consequences now revealed

Twitter: @de_facto_Aus

@frbower @de_facto_aus That makes complete sense. Bravo.

Twitter: @envirorealism

De facto everything gps navar systems: ZeRBHoQB

Twitter: @ArnoldMarshman

Miami furnished rooms rentals-a euhemerist in transit to florida de facto: tFmAKNLYr

Twitter: @SusanCa61654435

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