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Ben hogan behavior unrealized - meet with the de facto fish story: gigm

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The NFL is a de facto arm of the state. MT “@nationaljournal: Joe Biden: "The NFL ain't seen nothin' yet"”

Twitter: @Mortal_Weight

RT @SeanTrende: @BenjySarlin @mmurraypolitics This is amazing. Wouldn't they prefer Orman v Roberts straight up, if they want to make Orman…

Twitter: @batchelorshow

RT @SimonMagus: And while regional government is tempting, it means de facto the death of England. This is not acceptable.

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@LogtalkDotOrg Specially when the missing bits are official/de facto standard predicates or basic access to the operating-system predicates.

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Is there a standard way to get a de facto asynchronous run block?

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