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RT @schneiderhome: I'm afraid that the calls for "federalism" in South Sudan sound likes elites trying to stake out patches. As such, it'll…

Twitter: @TomBowk

Gifts neediness not breathe de facto pricey: CPeKxMKq

Twitter: @WainwrightTrist

RT @Atheistoclast: @israel_friends No one has the right to bomb and kill refugee children living in a de facto concentration camp. Zionist…

Twitter: @KHALIRO

Shorter. (De facto, not shorter because my hair had grown out)

Twitter: @ohalmonds

Ill-usage de facto remedial of accidents at thermoform: ORafgVQRK

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@BBCr4today re potential war crime by Israel in Gaza if you could be bothered to state Hamas bombing of Israeli cities is de facto war crime

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