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RT @thebakwaashour: Mr Mehta @DrunkVinodMehta Modi hs appointed RamDev as his De-facto prime minster, @tavleen_singh

Twitter: @RahulGhodeshwar

@cnni @cnnbrk a bit weird conversation. Nobody knows what happens de facto. Info is provided by media and it doesn't mean that it is true

Twitter: @Real_Mayar

@StolenMyBonBons @SKScarbine45 want to get their way via calling everything they don't like de facto misogyny. 2/2

Twitter: @livebeef

The MB says this after claims that he is overshadowed by the PKR de facto leader.

Twitter: @opssnews

@Jasondodd111 the fact that accidents are caused by cyclists and the enforcement is de facto not well done.

Twitter: @Andy__Peart

New #Russian-Abkhaz treaty not a threat to #Abkhazia's de facto independence. Read more here:

Twitter: @UNPOintl

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