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.@TiloJung "Verdict resulted from two private suits filed by 2 lawyers against the de facto rulers of the Gaza Strip"

Twitter: @NTarnopolsky

RT @haaretzcom: Michael Oren on how to take a de facto two-state situation and turn it into a two-solution via @You…

Twitter: @Dannyhbrown

RT @Miran7777: Tolerating de-facto dictatorships in #Russia & #Belarus for 15+ years has brought us to this point. #Nemtsov…

Twitter: @crnipeter40

That moment you go to a EMS conference and 90% of people are wearing @511Tactical gear. Talk about the de-facto market leader.

Twitter: @abrownboygenius

@DTrocks77: Did you not go to middle school in Ohio? That is like the de facto 8th grade school trip.

Twitter: @buckeyemondo

@cosmiclandmine All empires fall. American empire as the British. I'm worried, being a de facto military junta, that they'll go with a bang.

Twitter: @ThegoodBuck

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