Topic: Death Sentence
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Death Sentence on twitter
The akwa ibom INEC chairman is looking restless like he is awaiting a death sentence

Twitter: @oluyounggeneral

RT @KResearcher: Here is the death sentence judgement sheet for Dedan Kimathi by Chief Justice Sir Kenneth O'Connor

Twitter: @Kose4by4

@GankingWithGuns seriously.* "Look Dean right now being near me is a death sentence. You don't want to be around me."

Twitter: @UnholyRadiance

RT @CieraakaCici: I would prefer it if no one came to close to me at prom bc if u step on my dress or rip it you will hve just written your…

Twitter: @mynamesmita

RT @Martin_Simmonds: ICYMI some preview Death Sentence pages up on @CBR

Twitter: @MagnusAspli

RT @Protect_Wldlife: Moon Bears may have just received a death sentence because of the Vietnamese Govt! @AnimalsAsia …

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