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DEATH PENALTY UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN ZIMBABWE: "High Court Rules Out Capital Punishment" #deathpenalty #Zimbabwe

Twitter: @andrewjnovak

okmy other paper was about the Death penalty and i was like "Yeah we should use it but only to some degree" and my teach was like

Twitter: @jostaro

No... “@IkeMagnifico: 2. Do you believe in the death penalty?”"

Twitter: @elektrikgypsy

@SKrafftFox10 what bull they just don't want media knowing she going to get the death penalty

Twitter: @Kimquizzle

People saying 'smash on' to some little mink that's stealing cars and thinking it's funny is honestly horrendous, death penalty needed 🔫

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@1luli @NoodleSoupMari she deserves the death penalty! crazy broad. did y'all hear about pistorius? SMDH

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