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Derek Miles on twitter
My fitbit #Fitstats for 4/16/2014: 7,907 steps and 3.9 miles traveled.

Twitter: @Detroit_Derek

I'm Derek Miles. I am a workoutaholic. Protein shakes are my beer. And Gatorade is my fuel. #GottaGetBetter

Twitter: @DerekMiles17

RT @TylerReactions: When you get arrested for smoking meth

Twitter: @miles_derek

Smh people really be beating there meat on the toilet seat

Twitter: @miles_derek

RT @kayla_chew: “@Kingtuna93: I like a girl that sets rules for me, because with out them, I will do whatever I like” Omg a guy actually ad…

Twitter: @miles_derek

Our boys Derek Luttrell and Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts are out in the wonderful state of Colorado to play...

Twitter: @RotownRecords